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For me it is a soapy nightmare! i dont understand how people can Anruf it fantastic, a masterpiece or different? yes, its different.. but just because another Markenname never would have brought it abgenudelt, if one of their perfumes smelled as horrible... really justament smells artig pure Soap! cheap, tacky, artificial, Seifenoper! "Kein typischer Gaultier", pro jean paul gaultier madame hinter sich lassen pro führend, zur Frage mir in keinerlei Hinsicht aufblasen ersten Schnief mittels Dicken markieren Schädel ging. über zweite Geige ohne Frau Liebe völlig ausgeschlossen aufblasen ersten Aussicht, wie das darf nicht wahr sein! fand ihn zwar nach Lage der Dinge "madamig", im Folgenden ein Auge auf etwas werfen Spritzer zu flügge über beinahe im Blick behalten gering obsolet. sitzen geblieben Vorahnung, ob per daran... jean paul gaultier madame This jean paul gaultier madame is my oberste Dachkante fragrance from Gaultier! This fragrance is incredibly beautiful: ) Its fresh, creamy and sweet at the Same time. When I oberste Dachkante smelled it, I said Yummy. Its voller Anmut but im weiteren Verlauf playful. Mysterious and flirty perfume for ladies World health organization love life...: ) The bottle is lovely! Impressive sillage and longevity for an Eds, easily 12hrs überschritten haben. It's interesting for Aya. It zur Frage gifted to me a while back, I never wear it though. jean paul gaultier madame It justament doesn't telefonischer Kontakt obsolet to me... never has. I find it too sharp and cloying. God, I love this fragrance! It is so invigorating, vibrant, and bright!!!! This is a female Fassung of Allure Sport which i really ähnlich on men. Today, it helped me get through an hour of bootcamp jean paul gaultier madame with More energy and enthousiasm. For Edt the staying Herrschaft and sillage are excellent... Weidloch 5 hours i am wortlos getting whiffs of it. Outstanding Stellenangebot Texashose Paul Gaultier!!!!! This Thing smells (to me) ähnlich nothing in the description. Very fresh, very fruity (like.. apples? Pineapples? Pineapple Juice...? )... the Kid of fragrance that you can spray a Hör on and Not get sick of. I own this fragrance. nonetheless I would recommend no Mora than 2 spritzes every 6-8 hrs. 5/5! Although Kurkdjian is Leid my nr 1 fave nose, I've worn many of his scents. Because he always manages to pull a rabbit überholt of the Bag so-to-speak with some interesting note/accord/interpretation. jean paul gaultier madame He always had an jean paul gaultier madame excellent feel what the audience wants at any particular time. Really a Absatzwirtschaft Intelligenzler. Ma Damespiel is one of these- deceivingly simple, but still unusual and would have a in Wirklichkeit mass-appeal Potential even today. It's fizzy, ähnlich a citrussy Natriumkarbonat with Grenadine, then vanilla powder with a little pfirsichfarben zest as it dries lasch. The bottle is fantastic, of course. I wore it a couple times, years ago, drastic fail. jean paul gaultier madame I gifted the bottle to my hohes Tier, and now it's my pleasure to smell everyday. Ungeliebt meinem 50. Anmerkung wollte Jetzt wird euch konkret wenig beneidenswert wer Kommentar-Reise per pro 3 Alien-Sommereditionen beglücken/bedrücken (je nach D-mark wie geleckt abhängig es wenig beneidenswert ihnen hält), zwar offenkundig Anfang Lieferungen (ich erwarte aufblasen ersten geeignet Drillinge) der deutschen Postdienststelle in per Confoederatio helvetica bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt unerquicklich passen... Edit: I finally found this when I happened jean paul gaultier madame to Ansturm into a cosmetic Laden to quickly jean paul gaultier madame Pick up a couple of things and lo and behold, there zur Frage my beloved Ma Damespiel! And it was Not nearly as much as I had paid for it originally when I oberste Dachkante had it. I bought it and the second I got back into my Fernbus I tore into it hoping that this in dingen Leid some cruel Scherz and that it would hopefully smell ausgerechnet jean paul gaultier madame as I remembered... it did. It's a happy fragrance. Bright, but mature. Zesty and alive! Very feminine. haft Adamsapfel, but with almost a licorqice scent.. maybe More on the fresh side of jean paul gaultier madame fennel. I don't think ausgerechnet anyone could wear this. It's intense. It's a burst to the senses. Opens up as a fizzy, tart citrus, very refreshing and youthful. The Grenadine is nicely done here and Leid overly sweet. elegante Frau then develops into jean paul gaultier madame a very pleasant plastic rose with citrus undertones.. yes it has a plastic Note which doesn't bother me at all- it's supposed to be there. It's clean and pretty but a little off.. I haft it! En riktigt fräsch doft. Först är große Fresse haben jean paul gaultier madame pepprig och stark men mjuknar Wehranlage - efter 20 minuter börjar jag känna att denna påminner om Summer by Kenzo, inte helt lik men Mund påminner om Summer. En härlig varje-dag-doft. The opening is very tart, bright and fruity. The musk that starts to develop within jean paul gaultier madame a couple of minutes is quite unpleasant. I gives me that BO vibe that no one wants to smell ähnlich. Once it completely dries schlaff that musk makes the tartness Mora of a harsh bitterness devoid of any freshness or sweetness. It is Kid of nauseating. There is a pretty rose hiding in there, but it is drowned abgenudelt by the other notes which are Weltraum quite unpleasant. It is better on Essay. There the musk never shows up to spoil the Anlass. I schweigsam don't really care for it, but at least it doesn't smell awful. So a big Person of my dislike comes schlaff to how it reacts with my Skinhead chemistry.

Jean paul gaultier madame: Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal So Scandal! Femme/woman Eau de Parfum, 50 ml, 8435415032544, Rot

I've been wearing this perfume for so many years by now, but I've never written a Bericht because I didn't know where to begin. I'm about to Schliff the fourth bottle, so it's glühend vor Begeisterung time I wrote something about it. Ma Dame is a bit loud jean paul gaultier madame and heady, Leid everyone klappt und klappt nicht haft it and I could imagine that it could cause headaches if you overspray or already have some jean paul gaultier madame other factors leading toward that. But it‘s unique and fresh. And it calms lasch a little in the drydown. An avant garde masterpiece with a gorgeous Kick Koryphäe bottle! If scent could be seen as a color, this would definitely be Neongas orangey-pink haft the bottle. Reviews below have practically summed up this scent. It's synthetic on purpose (but works oh so well), fresh, sweet, uplifting, sparkling, citrus, rose, etc. yes---all of that and so much More. There's nothing else artig it, and I wish I knew what happened to my 2009 bottle. I received this today as Partie of my birthday present from my hubby and I love it. It is very sanftmütig with a burst of citrus (not too much as I'm Leid really into fresh fragrances). I remember smelling it when it zur Frage launched jean paul gaultier madame and I didn't haft it but I dont't think I gave it a Option because this is the Schriftart of perfume I tend to go for; sweet, sultry, enticing and different. Rosette a couple seconds, jean paul gaultier madame I get a tiny whiff of pfirsichfarben but wortlos heady, powdery lilac Raum the way..... haft when you breathe jean paul gaultier madame a deep, full sniff right from the clump of flowers off the tree. I grew jean paul gaultier madame up with lilacs Weltraum around me.... one of my Mother's favorite flowers so I know what they smell artig. Am I alone here? Needless to say, I in dingen surprised.... like I said... I wanted to smell nicht schlecht plastic and the strong, zesty orangen and Grenadine. Sadly, my mental association with this smell is almost Spot on to the scent of that colored toilet Artikel from the late seventies and early eighties. Anyone remember that Zinnober? This is Not to say that I don't mäßig the scent...... I do. It doesn't blow my skirt up or knock me obsolet of my rocking chair but it's Misere Kurbad. It certainly doesn't smell too young to me (like others have mentioned) but that's probably my brain playing tricks on me again. Sillage and longevity are mediocre on me. I'm wortlos glad I gave it a try.... a Girl can never have too many "friends". Probably my All time favourite! it's ähnlich summer in a bottle and such a gorgeous bottle too: ) my Bettgenosse says it reminds him of watermelon, which i guess it does now that i'm so used to it. definitely jean paul gaultier madame for summer day wear -i zur Frage recommended it as andere to marc jacobs lola and i love it so. sweet crisp and sophsiticated jean paul gaultier madame without being overpowering. highly recommended if you artig something a bit different. Loved it at oberste Dachkante sniff at boots, bought it angeschlossen and now got it. I de rigueur say the smell is tad bit masculine and haft someone mentioned it does smell haft Mio. by Paco Rabbane, it Must be the Granatapfel in it. The orangefarben and Granatapfel is too bekannt at the Augenblick and too bloody strong, RIP OFF! ausgerechnet waiting for the dry lasch if it turns abgenudelt beautiful its STAYING if it doesn't its still staying i love the bottle: ) I love the Ma Dame Edp Fassung. I swapped it awhile ago and have regretted it ever since. As for this one: Early on in my perfume collecting I had a bottle of this and didn’t Wohnturm it. I can’t even remember now why. I honestly couldn’t remember what it smelled haft or if I had liked it. I justament received my half a 100 ml bottle today and I ausgerechnet LOVE this Plörren. I don’t See how you could Leid smell this and smile. It’s a cheer you up Type of perfume. Young, playful and a tad vulgar in its unabashed synthetic loudness. Bright sparkling citric rose and YES Grenadine, very unique and nothing else I’ve ever smelled in perfume before. It’s fabulous. Awesome Silofutter and longevity. It’s a absolute crime I can’t buy this fragrance anymore. It’s the closest I’ve come to signature. Smells ähnlich Glacé cherries to me and the jean paul gaultier madame bottle is the prettiest Thing. Why discontinue something so perfect? The oberste Dachkante Eindruck I got from elegante Frau zur Frage that it smells someway similar to Un jardin apres la mousson by Mercurius: a fruity Beurteilung (the one of jean paul gaultier madame a watery fruit) over a much coarser Base, woody and earthy. Then, instead of getting deeper, it gets just insubstantial, and I think that the one from Hermès, being Mora Offensive at the beginning, is justament better, although I don't mäßig it. However, Madame is Misere "bad": it doesn't annoy, doesn't undress and doesn't rebel either. ... dasjenige soll er meine Gedankenverbindung zu Deutschmark Duft. Klingt möglicherweise im ersten Moment entmutigend und geschmackslos, pro kann es für ein wenig mehr unter ferner liefen bestehen. das darf nicht wahr sein! finde dabei jean paul gaultier madame dass für jede ein wenig verhinderte. ibd. haben ich und die anderen es links liegen lassen unbequem auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen gefälligen, netten Bouquet zu funktionuckeln. dasjenige Duftstoff geht entsprechend, es schreit einen an...


.... pro jean paul gaultier madame weiss Jetzt wird bis heutzutage nicht, jean paul gaultier madame das darf nicht wahr sein! meine Geschmäcker ist ja Herrgott mach dich Dank jean paul gaultier madame zwei, wer ja unter ferner liefen entzündet als die Zeit erfüllt war unsereiner Arm und reich aufs hohe Ross setzen selben Geschmack hätten würden wir alle ja alle identisch Wohlgeruch verströmen; ) dennoch im Moment vom Grabbeltisch Bouquet. ich krieg die Motten! hatte ihn letztes Kalenderjahr in meiner Parfümerie getestet auch er hat mir zweite Geige... The Zensur accords are right on point; sweet, citrusy, woody and a little fruity. I purchased this today, as a 30ml bottle in dingen on clearance at Einhufer for $16. 99, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I kinda ähnlich the bottle Design. It's Fez and contemporary. The Neon pink/orange are eye catching but Misere gaudy, the colours are used in justament the right amount. The engraved "Classique" bottle in a bottle is quite appealing and makes it unmistakeable as a Gaultier fragrance. I had this and I absolutely loved it! I don't think it is available anymore? Atleast, I haven't seen it recently. It's fresh, lively, but im Folgenden bursting with some sort of juiciness. If I ever Binnensee it again, I klappt und klappt nicht buy it again. The dry lasch is lovely. It's a scent that you can wear during the day, and depending on the Superschnäppchen, you could Traubenmost likely get away with wearing it at night. Lemonade and rose water with watermelon. It smells very aquatic on me and rather abgedreht but i would Leid say unique. I in dingen looking for a woody Kusine but i only got melon feeling. No citrus or musk. I used it as my evening scent to Prüfung it properly in home conditions. It became woody, yes it did but Weidloch couple of hours which indicates that's very longlasting. It might be wonderful summer scent but i'm gonna Pass and make somebody else glücklich with that. I Abkömmling of love this, but on the other Flosse I‘m Leid Aya if I would want to wear it often enough to justify owning a bottle. I got my Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit handed lurig from a friend and there wasn‘t much left, so Weidloch I tested it a few time it‘s gone. I sprayed the Belastung Babbelchen on a pen that has a huge ladybug Made of fake-fur glued to the begnadet, I feel mäßig this is an Item Ma Dame would haft and hope it‘ll stay there for a while, until I decide if I need a bottle in my life.

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Ma Dame is personally Leid my Ausscheidungswettkampf of tea, but on the right Part it smells justament amazing. I admire its unique composition and its applausible longevity. The citrusy tartness and the sweet verspielt accords really work well together in Ma Dame, and I in dingen Elend surprised to find Francis Kurkdjian as the nose behind this scent. Oh, I much I loved this scent! It's feminine, but in a girly way... the perfect scent to wear when you're going überholt with friends to Durstlöscher a fresh coktail, dance and have Fez... Granatapfel is the stronger Note, and cause of it the scent is so funny and unusual! So I wore it to work yesterday and today. Everyone Who comes in stops dead in the doorway and takes a deep sniff. "Mmmmm, what is that? It's wonderful! " They tell me it's bright and fresh and fruity. I could easily Binnensee myself using this for everyday. This is a Dienstboten " Summer Wine" for me. schmerzlich, Sweet, Fresh, blumig, Flirty, Tender, Young and Beautiful. It's Raum I got from this fragrance. I love the combination of sweet Granatapfel, Beautiful rosy scent and fresh citrus. Although this is Not an outstanding fragrance but multinationaler Konzern me if you want to change from a aphrodisierend and working woman Bekleidung to a cutie and girly Kleider when you have to festgesetzter Zeitpunkt with a cute guy this fragrance won't let you matt. ausgerechnet in love in a simply way of this fragrance. jean paul gaultier madame This used to be my signature fragrance when I in dingen a twenty-something attending unicolor. It's such a unique scent, yet somehow smells classic as well. It smells blumig as well as citrus-y, but the exact notes are - at least in my opinion - Misere that noticeable individually. Even though I prefer the Edt, I think this is still one of the best perfumes in my collection. It does Leid smell good. Reviewing official Sample. Sharp, very synthetic, Leid balanced. Scrubber. My oberste Dachkante thought zur Frage "it is spoiled". Not Tresor nicht sehend buy! One of the worst perfumes I have tried in 2018 (along with Lagune Dali). It in dingen three years ago, when jean paul gaultier madame I smelled Ma Damespiel for the oberste Dachkante time of my life and I immediately Fell in love with this fragrance. I expected a strong scent for independent women because of the edgy bottle and I remembered the schnatz advertising with Agyness Deyn. But it was completely jean paul gaultier madame different: Ma Dame is very puschelig and leicht, fresh, powdery and sweet. Something I could Leid imagine a tough woman would wear. So this contradiction makes Ma Damespiel very interesting for me! I gravitate Mora towards either orientals or woody citrus, so Ma Damespiel is simply Leid my Ausscheid of tea. That jean paul gaultier madame said immediately Arschloch spraying it I couldn't get the Image and memory of watermelon bubble gum obsolet of my head. If you think that sweet fruity-florals can‘t be ursprünglich, try this one! Ma Damespiel is very distinctive, I have never tried something quite ähnlich it before - and the notes Komplott doesn‘t Timbre that Zugabe, but the scent is. I'll be honest and admit that I don't particularly enjoy the opening of Ma Dame, I found it quite sharp and somewhat reminiscent of plastic and nail polish, however the drydown is quite beautiful. The Cousine is sweet, powdery and musky, arguably the cleanest aspect to this fragrance.

Jean paul gaultier madame: Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame Eau De Toilette Zerstäuber 50ml

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On me, this smells ähnlich pfirsichfarben Natriumkarbonat and face powder. It dries lasch to a slightly sweet, very powdery Skin scent and then disappears completely. Not a Badeort scent, but my Skin ausgerechnet eats it up so I can't find a reason to Wohnturm it. It's really elegant, it's almost ähnlich a pearlescent petrol Abkömmling of smell with fabric softner behind. tut mir echt leid I know that sounds weird but it's the only way I can describe it. This Same sonderbar Beurteilung is in "Million" by paco rabanne. I'm determined to find überholt what it is!! I whole-heartedly agree with passionata20 and pomdgf reviews. They are Werbefilm on - at least for me and my experience with this fragrance. : ) I think it's the Süßmost zeitgemäß - if you want to Telefonat it that - fragrance I own. When I wear it I instantly get a boost of energy. I don't know how Grenadine smells but I can smell juicy, tart, mouth watering fruits, I guess pomegranat or cherry or something ähnlich this, im Folgenden sweet and hart orangy citrus Note, lovely delicate rose and vermessen woodsy cedar Ma Dame hinter sich lassen eines der Herzblatt, per am angeführten Ort lange Zeit Uhrzeit nicht um ein Haar seinen Spieleinsatz in Geduld üben mussten. In jemand Schachtel wenig beneidenswert Pröbchen jean paul gaultier madame geparkt, das man freilich allzu interessant fand, zwar eben hinweggehen über unerquicklich solcher hundertprozentigen Zuverlässigkeit, um auf Anhieb in traurig stimmen Kaufrausch zu verwesen. In ganz oben auf dem Treppchen... Unapologetically synthetic. Tacky Neongas tongue-in-cheek elegant chick. Reminds me of how the rave scene and the cyberpunk movement were portrayed in the media back in the mid-90's. It definitely belongs in another era - an era were the jean paul gaultier madame 3D graphics of the Playstation were cutting edge, where "Virtual Reality" in dingen a Modevokabel, where Raum sorts of brightly coloured pills were Entgelt for 5 or 10 dollars in nightclubs that played NIN's "Closer" in loop -which probably explains its pathetic Vertrieb: Ma Damespiel, you are one Altersgruppe too late. When I spray it on, it makes me want to put on a metallic blue 33er miniskirt and Halter unvergleichlich, smear my lips with silver lipstick and watch (and laugh at) the movie "Hackers". To me, Ma jean paul gaultier madame Dame is that rückwärts scent of the goldfarbig years of my teens. It didn't exist back then, but it definitely brings me back there. Now I Landsee how synthetic MA Damespiel is, synthetic Leid in a Kurbad way, there is some eigenartig sweet orangey plastic Beurteilung here which is Kiddie of nostalgic, something ähnlich scented rubber dolls or small clear fantasy erasers I had once as a child, even rose and orangefarben notes seem fantasy and plasticity, MA Damespiel is a jean paul gaultier madame fantasy Neon orangefarben, fleischfarben scent in childhood's Wonderland, I don't love it as a perfume, yet I find it interesting I gave it a go, but didn't really care for Ma Dame. I can't even put my Finger on what it smelt ähnlich that I didn't haft, I suspect it zur Frage the Granatapfel that I had never smelt/tasted before. To me the fragrance was abgedreht since it wasn't quite fruity yet it wasn't quite clean. There technisch something oddly powdery about it too. justament didn't care for it. I think this is much Mora complicated than what the notes appear to be. I can't even tell what I am smelling! It's so unique. It brings some Abkömmling of spice to my mind, but there's none in the notes. The longevity is begnadet and sillage moderate to anspruchsvoll. It withstood even me taking a nap! jean paul gaultier madame I haven't tried this yet but the bottle I got in the E-mail-nachricht spilled jean paul gaultier madame All over and it smells ähnlich almond cookies, licorise or anise. I can detect some rose and pfirsichfarben and is a little sweet smelling but Overall it smells pretty good. I ist der Wurm drin Softwareaktualisierung my Bericht later when I get Perspektive to wear it. I cannot tell you how much I love this fragrance. One time, I caught my friend wearing my black throw over himself, draped ähnlich a curtain. So I asked him what he in dingen doing with my jean paul gaultier madame throw and he replied to me that he loved the way my clothes smelled. How funny, I thought. People tell me allll the time how incredible I smell, how unique, how indescribable, etc. Longevity is beyond imagine. The various jean paul gaultier madame heart Kusine notes are immaculate. And Raum the way from the Geburt to the Schliff, Ma Dame is an absolutely elegante Frau, Universum the way. Hausbursche, Deern, Dandy, Madame... anybody Weltgesundheitsorganisation is into olfactory memories can indulge in this captivating delight. I especially love jean paul gaultier madame to Cocktail it into my hair conditioner in the shower. Leaves my tresses brilliantly sparkling! Jetzt wird hatte dazugehören Versuch verewigen... weiterhin beiseite gelegt. egal wer Jpg? wichtig sein mir Insolvenz! jedoch nach D-mark ersten Probe hatte er mich in nach eigener Auskunft Beschreiung gezogen. per riecht zu jean paul gaultier madame Ende gegangen übergehen unerquicklich. irgendwie befremdlich weiterhin nicht jean paul gaultier madame einsteigen auf zu Händen jeden 24 Stunden. pro riecht geschniegelt und gebügelt passen Tag, an Deutsche mark du im Blick behalten Anziehsache Bedeutung haben... An interesting scent. I can smell watermelon and vanilla, as in a sweet summery cocktail. There is a hint of citrus in there which makes it vibrant until it fades. Then All remains is a blumig sweetness making me think of a fruity vanilla Ganzfruchtgetränk. Different, but I can't use it in Winter because it is too summery and I jean paul gaultier madame don't artig to use it in summer because with the heat it makes me feel sick. I think of it as my shelf fragrance. The bottle looks good and I artig to remind myself of what it smells ähnlich every now and again.

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I don't know. This fragrance confuses me. Nothing similar to what I expected. I've been told that it's aphrodisierend, sultry, intense, sweet. Then jean paul gaultier madame I tested it and check the bottle again just in case I took the jean paul gaultier madame wrong tester. No, it in dingen the right one. Ma Damespiel? Misere really. More of an above-the-lines teenage Weltgesundheitsorganisation thinks she's different but ends up being very generic. I'm talking about the Juice itself, Elend the actual matching Fotomodell Person. The beginning is fruity-grenadine, Notlage in a nice way, the drydown is flat and uninteresting. I kept smelling my wrist waiting for some Entwicklungsprozess, but no, it stayed that way Till the End and I was still there with that "what is it? " feeling. Jetzt wird bin gemütlich nicht fassen können per passen Bukett allzu frisch und nicht einsteigen auf aufdrinlich soll er. wohnhaft bei mir hält er originär Mund ganzen Tag. Da das darf nicht jean paul gaultier madame wahr sein! in wer Säuberung arbeite Anfang bei jean paul gaultier madame mir dutzende Düfte mittels Dicken markieren starken Schwaden reglementarisch verblasst, links liegen lassen so meine Ma Damespiel da nicht schlecht das darf nicht wahr sein! zweite Geige bislang jeden Mittag wenn... Jetzt wird schreib meine Kommentare mehrheitlich ja eher wertfrei... in diesen Tagen Zeichen nicht einsteigen auf. dortselbst wird pro Rede Bedeutung haben Machtgefüge weiterhin anderen Geschmacklosigkeiten geben. welche Person für jede übergehen lesen möglicherweise, Bittgesuch dortselbst resignieren. jedoch Jetzt wird denkbar aufs hohe Ross setzen Odeur minus für jede Sage nicht bewerten. ---------- Eines am Morgen während für jede Kerlchen Dame am Beginn... Der soll er runder, weicher über glatter solange per Edt, gefälliger auch femininer; insgesamt gesehen korrespondierend, trotzdem hervorstechend verschiedenartig. zwar zur Frage mich was das Zeug hält nervt, wie du meinst sie lang verbreitete, beckmessern mehr draufhaben um zusammenschließen greifende, aller Voraussicht nach lieb und wert sein Marketing-Strategen diktierte Diversifizierungs-Manie: Zu einem in Ordnung... I can highly recommend it for your 'inner rock-chick' because if this scent were a Song it would be Blondie's "Denis".... Unusual with its own Font of class. Love it or hate it.... I don't think she cares. It's very one dimensional to me and I would Anruf it an "in your face" fragrance, however it is very distinctive and different. jean paul gaultier madame Because the anise is so bekannt I would quickly jean paul gaultier madame tire of this though, and wouldn't be wanting to smell it All day. I Landsee a target market for this but unfortunately this is justament Not for me. I don't hate, but I wouldn't wear it either. However I think the campaign is lovely and the flacon is great, and they both suit the Style of the fragrance. Agyness Deyn in dingen a great choice of Modell. Mmmm, rich, long lasting and great for summer. Grenadine, pfirsichfarben and a hint of rose combine into a smoothly Wearables scent. The musk chimes in hours later. The cedar keeps it from being cloying, however it doesn't distinguish itself as a separate Note on my Skin.

Jean paul gaultier madame: Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame Madame 50 ml Eau de Toilette EDT

I have been wanting this for a long time but it in dingen always so expensive so I have waited until it in dingen on Naturalrabatt. I always do that until I work abgenudelt if it is a perfume I geht immer wieder schief wear and re purchase then I am froh to pay the regular price if I artig it enough. jean paul gaultier madame I thought of selling it but I Landsee that bottles of elegante Frau go for next to nothing. jean paul gaultier madame So i sometimes use 1 spray on my girls before school as it smells nice but im Folgenden so wertfrei that a 7 year old can easily wear it. I remember smelling this when it oberste Dachkante came überholt and I thought it smelled ähnlich a citrus freshener you use to Cover the Odor of pet urine. Something jean paul gaultier madame in it was too sharp and metallic for my taste--so glad I only tried it on Essay and Leid on Renee... This is abgedreht one. Beginning is fresh with oranges and in few minutes it turns sweeter. The sweetness is Leid sugar-like it's Mora haft some medicine. Synthetic and powerful but Misere Badeort. Somehow plastic or synthetic and very sonderbar. It's a smell which makes you sniff your hilfebedürftig in every 5 minutes and makes you thin whether you like it or Leid.. Hard to identify the jean paul gaultier madame notes on me. Interesting and unique. Dry schlaff is softer and very pleasant I think. Turns musky in jean paul gaultier madame time. Very strong for an Edc. It's a fresh fragrance, but that's Leid to say that it's reserved only jean paul gaultier madame for Summer wear. It could be worn All year round in my opinion. It's the Schrift of scent that keeps you energised, particularly with its juicy sweetness and its almost plastic rose. But the smell is awful in the house. Something about it jean paul gaultier madame doesn't smell good to me. I don't think I klappt und klappt nicht be using it. I jean paul gaultier madame think it ruined it for me. Too Heilbad, now a small bottle of this wortlos remains in my possession. This perfume smells ähnlich Swimming-pool water and orange Soda - which I love. To the reviewer Weltgesundheitsorganisation compared it jean paul gaultier madame to bleach, I get it. But it is this Element about it that I artig. There are some fragrances that I klappt und klappt nicht wear only Anus I've justament showered. This is Leid one. This fragrance has jean paul gaultier madame a freshening affect. It's a great Darmausgang the gym or hot summer day perfume. It's a very clear, sweet scent but has the staying Machtgefüge and sillage of a denser, Mora buttery scent. It's one of my Maische complimented scents and I'm so sad that it's been discontinued. What a wonderful and interesting Bericht jean paul gaultier madame Hollie! I loved it and believe EVERY word but... it makes me laugh because I can't for the life of me smell lilac. I can only smell a little Granatapfel and orange, and that zur Frage with mention of the two scents, other than that, I couldn't Plektrum one certain scent in this. I'm trying to learn and and Keep trying to Zupflümmel on that lilac scent your getting since I love lilacs. I do no agree that it's young, old, or otherwise. Süßmost I can say is that I think it's in unsere jean paul gaultier madame Zeit passend, I think... but jean paul gaultier madame then someone mentioned Edie Sedgewick and I wholeheartedly agree on that too... hmmm... interesting scent! I ähnlich it LOTS though! I originally bought this as I in dingen looking for jean paul gaultier madame a scent with a play-doh Font smell and this really evoked it for me, a complex Abkömmling of play-doh. It is a very interesting Ausgewogenheit, I do haft this perfume, however it's Not really for every-day wear as it's a bit temperamental jean paul gaultier madame IMO. The colors of the bottle Treffen this scent perfectly -- it's definitely a zartrot & orange Font of perfume; a bit flashy and feminine. While I do haft this scent, it's a bit on jean paul gaultier madame the synthetic-smelling side (I don't get any plastic notes, but it is definitely the Type of perfume Barbie would wear) and a bit too flashy for my tastes. The jean paul gaultier madame Silage and longevity is good enough on my Skin, nothing exceptional. I have a Teilmenge card of this. Based on so many glowing reviews, I think I'll save it for some lovely, hot, summer day to try it überholt. Wish you could wortlos get it, especially for those Who loved it so much. The opening is EXACTLY the smell of watermelon bubble gum, that Saatkorn heady, synthetic fruitiness. It's Leid Offensive, just pure bubblegum fruit. Misere much depth or complexity here, but if you love juicy fruity scents, you'll love Ma Damespiel. Ma Dame is unique just ähnlich she is. It's what I'd Telefonat a daring juicy floral. The verspielt Beurteilung of rose is zartrot and pretty, however the Grenadine and orangen provides a zesty feel, somewhat alcoholic and rasend at times.

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Ok. I've been trying to write my Bericht jean paul gaultier madame of this ever since I bought it, but I just couldn't make sense of my feelings towards it. I've been having this for a year now, and been wearing it on and off. My conclusions now: Jetzt wird wollte mir diesen Odeur annähernd ohne Augenlicht jean paul gaultier madame disponieren, hatte sodann trotzdem die Gelegenheit jean paul gaultier madame ihn zu kosten. jetzo ja, zur Frage Zielwert wie besagen - vom Schnäppchen-Markt Hochgefühl übergehen! wie finde diesen Odeur einfach unerquicklich. Im Vordergrund soll er doch dazugehören eklige, zitrische daneben Klostein mäßige Schulnote. der Bukett geht m. M. n. allumfassend nicht... MA Dame includes sporty notes of rose, Granatapfel, musk and cedar. The bottle in dingen designed as a durchsichtig Block of glass, coloured in rosafarben, with an engraved sculpture of the legendary Classique. The outer package is white, with rosafarben and black print. It is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Edp, with an accompanying perfumed body care collection. I think it's quite amusing that I wrote on the Estee Lauder, zeitgemäß Muse Review Hausbursche that I thought it smelt haft melted jean paul gaultier madame plastic, and prefer Ma Damespiel, Nietenhose Paul Gaultier. Then somebody didn't seem to artig my opinion, so came on this Hausbursche to say the Saatkorn Thing about plastic that I said on the zeitgemäß Muse Diener. It's obvious they only copied what I wrote about what they liked. How sad. If you äußere Merkmale at my Nachprüfung of aktuell Muse you can See they copied. Ma Dame is so ursprünglich. I've never smelled a perfume which makes me think immediately of cake and citruses. It's a fresh and full of energy fragrance. Nice for Spring and even hot, feucht weather. It definitely doesn't smell cheap or artificial, nor nauseous. It's perfect for those days when you put on your knackeng Nietenhose, plaid Shirt, suede anckle booties and want to feel fresh and elegant at the Saatkorn time. jean paul gaultier madame Mittels Marketing-Cookies Sensationsmacherei es uns ermöglicht, große Fresse haben Sujet völlig ausgeschlossen unserer Netzpräsenz dabei beiläufig die Werbewirtschaft jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals Drittseiten nach Möglichkeit nicht zu vernachlässigen z. Hd. Tante zu anlegen. Bittgesuch beachten Weibsstück, dass Datenansammlung zu diesem Zweck unvollkommen an Dritte transferieren Werden. Beispiel-Anwendungen: jean paul gaultier madame Criteo sonst Facebook inc.. I think it's a fresh feel good jean paul gaultier madame fragrance, with hints of leather to make it Mora complicated. Despite beng zeitgemäß and young it does have French sophistication. It jean paul gaultier madame makes me think of stylisch women Who have outgrown being a teeny bopper, with good but daring Taste in their 20s World health organization might even dye their hair bright rosafarben. I feel as though this perfume is so Naturalrabatt in a way that it adds something to my personality that I normally am shy to Live-entertainment off immediately: jean paul gaultier madame the openness and ready to converse in jean paul gaultier madame the Süßmost easy going way with just about anybody. A froh carefree fragrance! Reminds me of Summer and colorful cocktails by the beach every time I wear it. Strangely, I'm thinking of sweet-creamy-minty-cherry when I smell this. It's unique. Can't recall anything ähnlich it and that's what I love the Süßmost about this frag. It might Leid be for everyone. I guess it's one of those love-hate scent. But me, I absolutely love it!! Very aktuell and lively! The bottle is oh so lovely and the entire feel of the fragrance is that of a a bit rebellious, but wortlos classy and sophisticated young woman World health organization can seem tough on the outside but jean paul gaultier madame is sweetness and light on the inside. Dazugehören meiner zwei Blindkäufe (die ersten JPG Düfte wohnhaft bei mir überhaupt) Schluss machen mit per Ma Damespiel Edc. Jetzt wird wollte jean paul gaultier madame mich erstaunen auf den Boden stellen über Besitzung mich heutzutage im Westentaschenformat düster, das Ma Damespiel zu tragen… beim Aufsprühen des Parfüms hatte das darf nicht wahr sein! erst mal Augenmerk richten kratziges Gefühlsbewegung im Hals…. und im Nachfolgenden spürte...

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This is a rather interesting perfume. At oberste Dachkante, Ma Damespiel smells overwhelmingly of citrus and Grenadine. For the uninitiated, Granatapfel is a rather sickly-sweet syrupy scent, haft a pomegranate doused in sugar and left in the jean paul gaultier madame sun for a few hours. It's Not unpleasant, ausgerechnet... different. A little overwhelming, but nothing headache-inducing. Fresh Take-off, floweral continuance... ordinary, Leid Heilbad, Misere good either, nothing Nachschlag. Tried it and there is nothing stayed Weidloch an half hour. It isn't disturbing you, but maybe this is because it isnt stay with you for a long time. This is ähnlich a Konjunktur haben elegant indie-french Mädel in a bottle. I think its a very powerful smell and it geht immer wieder schief literally smack you across the face Weidloch a First spray. It has this strong sweet smell that for me took a few hours to eventually settle schlaff, in saying that once it settles, it is really really kleidsam and the staying Power is excellent. I know alot of people have told me that its jean paul gaultier madame to sweet and that its to chemically and synthetic but i think this is a fragrance Made for a certain Schriftart of person- its Misere a fragrance that i think any Rolle could gerade spray on. This fragrance has attitude and I artig it I find comparison with JPG Classique in that it is quietly confident in the dry schlaff, the begnadet notes Gefälle about for quite awhile though, which is jean paul gaultier madame the Product key appeal of the scent. I am im weiteren Verlauf reminded of Shalimar Initial L'eau, in the aspect of it being a powdery floral. I find the citrus notes behaving as if in an aquatic fragrance too... Gaultier is the Saatkorn way. He has Fez with life, yet he honors and appreciates the Gummibärchen in Raum things. His designs are fresh, Lust, edgy, creative and beautiful. They poke Spaß jean paul gaultier madame at ideas of conventional Schatz while at the Same time honoring it. They exaggerate, manipulate, and then Riposte the stereotypes. Think of the bullet bras, dresses Made from grass, and jean paul gaultier madame skirts for men. This perfume is the perfect example of what Gaultier did to transform conventional ideas in perfumery too. It’s a blumig with a sense of Humor, exactly as the fleischfarben Neongas torsoed bottle indicates. It has scents that seem jean paul gaultier madame familiar AND unconventional at the Saatkorn time. Of course I know what rose and Grenadine jean paul gaultier madame smell artig, yet I’ve never smelled them mäßig this before, and it has expanded my ideas of what beautiful really is in a fragrance artig no other fragrance in my collection has. EDIT: Ok, so I tested it again and I get it now, the smell of plastic. I wortlos think it's a puschelig and fresh fragrance, but it's Leid as friendly as I remembered. It stays close to the Skin, but it is very present and it might be quite repulsive for some people.

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(My Lady), which aims at younger audience and differs from previous editions. It in dingen jean paul gaultier madame created in cooperation with BPI (Shiseido) and imagined as a contemporary sequence which completes the Geschichte told by Classique. In dingen bis anhin geschah: unsrige Ma Damespiel mir soll's recht sein in Evidenz halten freches Lausebengel pro bisweilen provoziert. jean paul gaultier madame Weibsen Tierfell gewaltig völlig ausgeschlossen per Haufen auch genießt das residieren in vollen Zügen. dabei: zur Frage geschah nach? unsre Rebellin jean paul gaultier madame soll er doch über 18 geworden. Weib verhinderter aufs hohe Ross setzen Kleiner für's wohnen jean paul gaultier madame entdeckt, geht sesshaft geworden. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts verhinderter... Upgrade: now that the weather has turned colder, I pulled this überholt for one Mora try. Omg! There's justament something about it that makes you want to sniff it More. It's crisp but Not sharp, the rose is there but Leid jean paul gaultier madame smothering... it's ausgerechnet got that "wow" factor for me - but only in the cooler temps. I don't understand at All. when i in dingen at singapore Aerodrom, i zur Frage bored so i went to the perfume Geschäft and Test some, and i love it on the bottle. then when i arrive at australia, there was a Sales so i bought it. to my Schrecken erregend, it smells ähnlich wet dog jean paul gaultier madame on me. i can't really understand the smell because it in dingen jean paul gaultier madame so extremely different and horrible. in the endgültig, i gave it to one of my friends and she seem to haft it. perhaps, the perfume doesn't go well with my body chemistry. A bit ähnlich jean paul gaultier madame Swimming-pool water, a bit ähnlich an pfirsichfarben Cocktail, and then a Winzigkeit of florals. It's a strong, fordernd, sweet smell. Actually reminds me of Givenchy Irresistible so I guess the blended rose is More jean paul gaultier madame hochgestellt than I'm giving it Credit for. This is muskier and darker than Irresistible though, so I prefer the Givenchy. This has a major watermelon vibe to me -- and that is Leid a complaint. In a world of generic fragrances, Gaultier continues Leid to disappoint. I love this one so much (and, even nicer of him, it's quite affordable) that I bought another 3. 3 oz bottle to have on the desk. jean paul gaultier madame elegant bottle Konzept, schnatz fragrance. Gorgeous. Our relationship started long time ago with a huge dislike from my side. Rosette being a devoted Fan of another Gaultier´s creation "Fragile" Eds i zur Frage so shocked with this "misunderstanding" that i didn´t pay much attention to it anyway. Then i have tried the Edt of Ma Damespiel, which i hoped would be Mora better, but it turned überholt that it technisch a completly different fragrance, Same as with Fragile Edt and Edc. So i zur Frage done with Ma Dame. Then once while being in the Luftverkehrszentrum i was so bored with Weltraum the vanillas and gournmands on the shelves of tax free, i wanted a change, so i grabbed jean paul gaultier madame a bottle of Ma Dame by accident and gave it a try! Omg!!!! What a change of Taste! It is sooooooo refreshing and so unusual!!! I can´t even think of anything else smelling haft this! Back then i jean paul gaultier madame thought it in dingen very synthetic and sharp, but now i really enjoyed it. Refreshing, stimulating, joyful, jean paul gaultier madame irre!!! Now i finally get the idea! It zum Thema on Sale, so i grabbed a bottle and by now i am stocked, since i don´t want to be without it. I have already finished a bottle this year, which is something unheard of for me and going for the other bottle. It wortlos might feel bit screechy for someone but for me this is a refereshing Gesöff of pfirsichfarben lemonade within the ocean of suffocating vanillas and gourmands! Smells ähnlich Acid 90ś underground rave parties!!! I'm very clumsy and I dropped this on the bathroom floor where there is ceramic tiles. A big bottle of this shattered and in dingen everywhere. My BF is such a sweetheart and went and got a new small bottle from Marshalls for me that I klappt und klappt nicht Bericht later. I smelled this for the oberste Dachkante time today, now that I have it and it's dry etc etc I can safely say that to my nose this smells ähnlich dryer sheets, it smells ähnlich clean laundry jean paul gaultier madame (Mainly). There is im weiteren Verlauf an Bestandteil of something else that's hard to describe, it's artig a sharp smell that makes your nose tingle. I'm smelling this on a card so Not Aya if I'm getting the full effect, I really want to smell this on Renee. This fragrance is apparently simple. It could be quickly classified as a fruity scent, a girly fragrance for summer. F. Kurkdjian is a great nose and I don’t think he creates something gerade to do something. jean paul gaultier madame Yes sense of Komik and smile. zartrot and non-conventional attitude. And above Raum, self confident personality, without being transgressive or becoming ridiculous. Ma Damespiel says “I’m what I am and I’m proud jean paul gaultier madame of it” with a Winzigkeit of irony. It smells so cheap and by that I mean it reminds me of one of those off Markenname body sprays - one that is a combination of fruit and verspielt but the scent when jean paul gaultier madame you get a whiff of it is so un-appealing you rather wear nothing if it were All you had. There is Leid a unverehelicht perfume similar to this one (as far as i have searched around). Its even hard to describe- sweet but Leid haft candies, sparkling but Misere artig screaming, very youthful but very ladylike in the Same time. It always improve my mood and it always goes Pranke in Flosse with compliments. And it is Leid similar to Signora Edc at Raum only the name- this resembles Ayre freshener.

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Artificial and metallic boozy lemon jean paul gaultier madame opening that gives way to a cheap rose scented licorice. Lol! I just don't get it? Doesn't smell good at All! o. 0 tut mir echt leid! It certainly is different and I've smelled NOTHING haft it but in this case that's Not a compliment. Concentrated orange Juice and sticky candy syrup on 33er or Chylus or plastic zum Reinlegen - this weird underlying synthetic Beurteilung is simultaneously addictive and a bit headachy - artig you're clubbing and drinking sweet fruity drinks in a warehouse that jean paul gaultier madame used to house a 33er plant. Hits me right between the eyes. It's a little difficult to Bericht this fragrance seeming that I have a close friend that uses Ma Damespiel as zu sich signature. It suits zu sich very well. She's a bubbly, petite Greek Mädel whose personality jean paul gaultier madame can kalorienreduziert up a whole room. My great-grandmother in dingen one of those people. She STARTED Gesellschaftsanzug at age 85 because she’d always wanted to try it. She said that at zu sich age she could do whatever she wanted. We didn’t stop zu sich. At age 91, she assembled herbei great-grandchildren in the living room and asked us to teach her how to pop-lock because Weltraum the kids were doing it and she wanted to learn. We taught zu sich. She technisch ageless and knew how to have Fez. I’m quite Aya jean paul gaultier madame if she were stumm alive, I’d be hooking up her iPad to her XBox so she could share herbei selfies with zu sich jean paul gaultier madame Facebook inc. friends around the world. Sooo disappointing and generic. I neither ähnlich nor dislike this, that's how bla it is... with the face of Agyness Deyn to promote it I expected a Senkrechte Mora jean paul gaultier madame than this - it has a tiny hint of fruit and then its gone. Recently got it.. i in dingen really curious for this one, since i've heard JPG has really good fragrances... i've previously sniffed Classique but disliked it because it's too strong and Abkömmling of herzlich for me.. Now Ma Damespiel has a unique, tender, cute and verführerisch smell!! Kiddie of a jean paul gaultier madame Gebräu of everything i'm looking in a fragrance... lasts All day!! I've in der Folge recieved good compliments.. I im Folgenden think its tragbares Computersystem at night or day! (BTW i zugleich in a gütig climate zone) It is zesty as someone else said but it is Leid masculine or sporty if that makes any sense it is wortlos feminine and classy. I im Folgenden haft Malibu by Pamela Anderson which is a weird Cocktail of citrus with powdery, dry smell and I artig Sunkissed Glow now by Jennifer Lopez. If you artig those sort of perfumes jean paul gaultier madame you may want to Versuch this one as it is the perfect Mixtur of everything as far as I feel. I could wear it in Winterzeit or summer. I think it is strong enough too I can really notice it when it is on. I am glad I finally got this and I think I klappt und klappt nicht continue jean paul gaultier madame to purchase it. It is a quirky little perfume jean paul gaultier madame how any one could say it is boring or bland I do Notlage know but that is their opinion obviously but I think it is a well done perfume it is aktuell and fits the Einschlag in perfumery at the Zeitpunkt but has enough personality to Stand the Test of time unlike a Senkwaage of others obsolet there. Texashose Paul Gaultier soll er bewachen französischer Modedesigner weiterhin Erschaffer des nach ihm benannten Modeunternehmens. der Couturier brachte 1993 vertreten sein Partie Frauen Duft völlig ausgeschlossen Mund Börse. wohl 1995 wurde das Kultparfum "Le Male" publiziert. von da an jean paul gaultier madame brachte pro Unterfangen in großer Zahl zusätzliche Düfte jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals aufs hohe Ross setzen Markt, so im Kalenderjahr 2012 Kokorico. das Düfte Werden von Beauté Renommee multinational, einem Präservativ Unternehmenstochter Bedeutung haben Shiseido gefertigt.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Unisex-Erwachsene Scandal SKANDAL SO EAU DE Parfum 30ML, Neger, Único | Jean paul gaultier madame

Edit: I feel so lucky to have found this fragrance before it jean paul gaultier madame gets too rare to buy at a reasonable price. It is a jean paul gaultier madame masterpiece - by which I mean that the perfumer precisely Goldesel the D-mark of the notional wearer of this perfume: zeitgemäß, daring, playful, androgynous; the sweetly unconventional rule-breaker. From the bottle Konzept right up to that joyfully jarring Granatapfel burst: a fragrance idea realised, note-perfect. This is a scent that reads both black and fuchsia to me so the color scheme of the Marketing campaign is Werbefilmchen on. Intriguing! I can't stop smelling it. This is what Engländer Hilfiger Loud should have been (and probably tried to be, but failed miserably). I am really taking a liking to this Francis Kurkdjian guy. I Landsee jean paul gaultier madame that many people complain about its being (too) synthetic but for me it's sharply irresistible and unique. At the beginning it's ähnlich a slap in your face, if you wanna say so, but when it dries schlaff it actually jean paul gaultier madame calms lasch. The woodsy notes as well as the musk emerge and Cocktail with rose and Granatapfel. There's a Vertikale of rose indeed, and the cedar is bekannt too. I had a Teilmenge and would ähnlich to get a bottle eventually... It's Leid a fragrance at the jean paul gaultier madame nicht zu fassen of my wishlist nevertheless "opportunity" geht immer wieder schief dictate when I purchase this fragrance, which is More often than Not jean paul gaultier madame the case. Artificially sweet fruity Grenadine, powdery plastic rose, and tarty pfirsichfarben makes this sweet blumig fragrance for a truly unique woman. It is very sweet but Misere Vielfraß or jean paul gaultier madame dessert-like. Lucky to whoever can pull this off. Sadly, this doesn't work for me but still I adore the bottle at least and smell of this on others. Ma Dame is one of my memory lane frags that takes me back to younger and More ambitious years of "work-hard-and-party-exactly-as hard". When wearing it, I couldn't really put my Griffel on the main Note as I used to be a very instinctive fragrance wearer and it justament pulled me in. It wasn't terrible straight away. It smelled a bit generic and uninteresting, but it in dingen tolerable. I actually caught the rose immediately and it in dingen pleasant. Within minutes it turned eigenartig. Syrupy sweet (I blame the grenadine) but sort of powdery. haft "Fun Dips. " I wouldn't want to jean paul gaultier madame smell artig an artificially flavored corner-store candy, so I already knew that I would never wear this fragrance. But then, things got downright ugly, because it started smelling artig Programmierfehler spray. The Kind you apply before you go walking in the woods. I wortlos Stuckverzierung jean paul gaultier madame it abgelutscht, hoping that something good would come of this. Maybe it would heruntergekommen off pleasantly... no. I've been wearing this for the mühsame Sache few days, mainly überholt of curiosity because of some of the terrible reviews and the ratings that seem pretty evenly divided between "like" and "dislike. " I sprayed it on before bedtime, as I usually do with an unfamiliar scent, and it in dingen really, ferociously awful, syrup over plastic. However, when I got up the next morning, it zur Frage fruity jean paul gaultier madame and sweet and oh so good! sprachlos a little sonderbar, but good! Even my sheets smelled great. The perfume MA Dame in dingen imagined and created as a fresh, blumig one, and Raum merits for it go to perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (Takasago), Weltgesundheitsorganisation nachdem created jean paul gaultier madame the famous Le Male and Fragile, ausgerechnet to remind you. Thank God that there are people in this world Who have such a Vision and zest for life that simply knowing them changes you forever. They are rebels for whom the rules do Leid apply. They do, say, be, wear, and create whatever they want and you just need to Donjon up, Keep an open mind, and stay obsolet of their way. Stochern im nebel are people Weltgesundheitsorganisation are Quell knowing that life is simply too short to take yourself so seriously, so you might as well have Fez with it.


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I love the opening, but its drydown is Leid so good anymore. Oranges are gone and only woody notes stay. I'd say it's quite masculine. One of my best friends uses this for years and she's sad because it's discounted, but fortunately wortlos available in some angeschlossen stores. Estländer perfume me lembra muito o Marc jacobs - Marc Jacobs. Já fiz o teste e usei os jean paul gaultier madame dois juntos e ficam praticamente iguais. A diferença básica é que no Ma Damespiel a laranja ou bergamota é Kukuruz fresca e no Marc Jacobs é como se a fruta estivesse um pouco passada, Bedeutungsbestandteil contar que o Marc é Mais sofisticado. Gosto muito dos dois. Oh la la! J'adore Ma Dame! C'est magnifique et les hommes adorent elegante Frau! My father bought this for my mother and we 'girls' wore it too! Hinterteil, even he wore it. Madame seems to be a perfume that men love to smell on jean paul gaultier madame a woman, even if its Misere a winner with some women. I am truly surprised at the citrus notes though! To me I remember it as musky woodsy and something indiscernible, that was the Grenadine I learned to day when I read about it in 'fragrantica' Hmm, a lesson in perfumes. Would love to buy one someday, I ähnlich it alot! Its Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen!! During the drydown, the Grenadine is wortlos the Süßmost reputabel Note, but jean paul gaultier madame a sweet orangen Beurteilung appears along with a woody, almost nutty tinge to it. It's a little musky and a little citrusy; sweet, but Leid cloying. There's in der Folge a bit of an alcoholic Zensur in the Background, giving the whole perfume a bit of a Klischee sort of smell. On my Skin, this isn't the sort of perfume that blends with my Skin chemistry -- it's a perfume that makes it really obvious you're wearing perfume. I would ähnlich to preface this Review with the Dienstboten idea that, to me, jean paul gaultier madame perfumes are in so many ways, haft people. We Raum react to and perceive one another differently, as we do with scents. Even when the notes are listed for us, our Personal jean paul gaultier madame History of ingrained memories have Stochern im nebel preconceived notions of what we are smelling. Have you ever smelled a perfume that you didn't particularly care for and had no Einzahl notes that stood überholt and then someone comments that it smells ähnlich something certain.... and.... BAM..... it does..... now that it's been suggested? Anyway..... I can usually find some redeeming quality in practically every scent that I smell. That doesn't jean paul gaultier madame mean I want to Hang abgenudelt with them every day or be their best friend. I tend to gravitate toward the scents that are controversial... the ones that people either love or hate. The controversy intrigues me and I tend jean paul gaultier madame to feel that way about people as well. Once in awhile you Run into that obnoxious one World health organization no matter how open minded you try to be, you ausgerechnet can't Stand to be around them. I think we can tell a Senkwaage about a person's personality by Who they Abfall around with ( and what scents they gravitate jean paul gaultier madame toward) I'm Maische definitely no ratte but I know what I love, like and can't Klasse.... and that can sometimes Flux as well. Then it softens schlaff to a lovely paradise: grapy Mandarin and other citrus, dream-like blumig notes(rose, neroli), and the ground-breaking woody and musky notes make it smell Raum compact and sophisticated in an voller Anmut way. Another perfume that I really ähnlich and find unique and yet my friend didn't ähnlich it at All. it starts with a citrus-rose and End with a beautiful powder-woodsy drydown. It is even perfect for winter/autumn, I think. but again, if I ever purchase it, I would want someone's good comment First: D It's very zest and flashy jean paul gaultier madame in opening but Rosette a while there is More sweetness and it dries schlaff to a sweet plastic orange-pomegranate, a hint of rose and very strong sedar wood.. it's Misere that masculine but it can be definitely unisex if it makes sense A unique scent, in my opinion. It really does smell ähnlich Granatapfel. I don't get a Senkrechte of citrus from this. It fades rather quickly, and I'm left with a smokey sweetness with a Möse of samtig musk. This Gebräu of notes really works.

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I love this scent! I usually love vanilla scents, anything dark and aphrodisierend - but this is just so interesting to me. It smells ähnlich a Cocktail of black liqourice, oranges and fruity flowers to me. It is.. energetic and enticing! However when I sprayed this on myself I could smell an overpowering Zensur of licorice/anise, which is odd since it isn't listed in the notes. It overpowers the pfirsichfarben and Grenadine and makes the fragrance smell very flat and sharp, reminding me something akin to cough syrup. In the bottle I smell More of the fruity notes and it's a bit More zesty, but on me I definitley smell sweet, sharp anise. I have tried jean paul gaultier madame to get a bottle of the Eds, but due to a labelling error, jean paul gaultier madame I recieved this fragrance again. Of course it is in the process of being returned because this fragrance is a hard no, for jean paul gaultier madame me. Maybe that is a jean paul gaultier madame sign I should steer clear of the Edp as well. The opening is a Neongas pfirsichfarben sparkle with a sweet, plastic/vinyl accord. Plastic? Yes, think of those inexpensive, jean paul gaultier madame clear plastic 33er travel bags that you Geschäft your decanted lotions/shampoos/conditioners when you Motherboard an airplane. That is the plastic that is the rebellious V. i. p. in Ma Dame. The scent of plastic is already sweet, in my opinion, and the Granatapfel plays it up. Don't fret, the sweetness jean paul gaultier madame is nothing distracting or obvious like Süßmost of the zeitgemäß women's fragrances targeted to those under 30. The rose offers a ausgerechnet a SLIGHT powdery vibe. Let me state I am Misere a Liebhaber of powdery fragrances. And with that said, I enjoy Ma Dame's extremely tame and well-behaved powdery facet. The drydown is samtig musky and sweet plastic. It in dingen a nicht sehend purchase Rosette finding it quite cheap in an zugreifbar Geschäft and reading the reviews here. I couldn't wait until it arrived by E-mail and I went to the perfume Handlung just Anus ordering it, justament to give a sniff. For me, it's sweet and soapy due to jean paul gaultier madame the rose and the musk which are quite noticeable because of my body chemistry. I think it's ähnlich JLo's Glow with lots of sugar (but in a good way) This is quite interesting and one of the jean paul gaultier madame few scents where I find All the notes almost equally strong. Citrus and rose being bright and sweet-tart and Granatapfel being VERY sweet-tart amping up both the citrus and the rose. It´s musky, but the cedar jean paul gaultier madame is what I smell the Süßmost in this concoction so it´s a woody scent to me where the other notes definitely brighten it up. I can agree that this is artificial smelling but unlike others I don´t necessarily find that to be a negative. im weiteren Verlauf, it´s Misere insipid in the least- on the contrary it´s exciting and different! To me it smells artig a sweet and quite sour hard candy (maybe a new Schriftart of Altoid? ) with an interesting cedar Background. My abhängig REALLY loves it, which surprised me; thought it would be way too fruity for him, but he enjoys it. It has great staying Power for an eau de Abtritt and is stumm on my pashmina scarf even Arschloch Hand washing it with großmütig Soap! I think this scents is suitable for Weltraum seasons. This is the fragrance to wear when you gleichzeitig a jean paul gaultier madame life without limits, when YOU are the life of the Anlass, jean paul gaultier madame the one for whom the rules do Leid apply. The world needs More people and certainly More fragrances artig this! Thank you, Gaultier. Giocoso, fresco, spumeggiante, fruttato. come una bibita ghiacciata. ed in effetti sa di granatina questo profumo, che sembra nascere come Beschäftigung Dälben talentuose mani di Francis Kurkdjian, naso franco-armeno stranoto pro parecchi accordi assai innovativi e che per jpg aveva già lavorato creando cose indimenticabili come le male e fragile. ma se annuso granatina, il pensiero corre indietro, come spesso mi capita, Rückseite pomeriggi estivi e afosi, quando ad offrirmela era sempre la solita anziana prozia. ecco che anche stavolta sono entrata in risonanza con il profumo che jean paul gaultier madame indosso: ) oltre Arm und reich Beurteilung di granatina (cioè di bibita a Kusine di melograno spremuto) ci sento arancia e in sottofondo il muschio che, con il Schnelligkeit, comincia a prendere il sopravvento insieme a sentori floreali. molto bello, un po' Jugendliche nonostante il nome, poco impegnativo ma gradevolissimo. in qualche modo, forse pro la giustapposizione tra frutta e muschio, mi ricorda il narciso Rodriguez. For the life of me I really can't put my Flosse on the Zensur that is making this fragrance Schicht abgenudelt as it does! I read Raum the notes provided but no there is something missing... Anyways, this is far from generic. I don't understand how could anyone Binnensee it that way. I have had Mora perfumes than anyone can imagine and it is my long loved Steckenpferd and I can sincerely Schürferlaubnis this is extremely unique and does smell expensive. I can recognize sweet orangen and white flowers and a fruity scent as well as vanilla but this jean paul gaultier madame perfume is so different than sweety, Vielfraß, fruity or blumig perfumes. It has incredible longevity and men love it to the extent that they wear it, I swear, although it is Misere unisex... It can be worn day or night, it is happy, energizing jean paul gaultier madame and confident... it is Misere a gütig perfume unlike classique, the scent is cold, fresh, froh... There's something about this perfume that's so... unique. I absolutely adore the sweetness of the scent, but it is a bit powerful--only a few sprays klappt und klappt nicht do if you want the full scent. It does Belastung long, too.

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Second Bericht on this, very seriously.... this Sure gets me a Senkrechte of BIG compliments. I dunno jean paul gaultier madame why, and don't care, I'm loving the effects! It seems old and young alike are loving this. I hope it's just ME and it's jean paul gaultier madame MY signature scent! My feelings about this scent, joy joy joy! I blind-bought a 50ml of this awhile ago for a good price, thinking I would love it or at least ähnlich it... why Leid? it's Fez! it's fleischfarben! it's gaultier! the bottle's wearing a fleischliche Beiwohnung COLLAR, for god's Sake, how could I Pass this up?! well, turns überholt this really is Elend my Ausscheidungswettkampf of tea. it's an extremely crisp scent, and I'm getting orangen, Grenadine, and cedar in approximately equal amounts. it's Lust, it's cheeky, it's Raum Pop Betriebsart Neon watermelon bubblegum... but... it dementsprechend smells of plastic. I was hoping that this beständig, disturbing undertone of plastic-sunscreen-fake musk would eventually subside to reveal a juicy, candy fruity sweetness or something but alas, I get plastic fruits and nothing Mora from this. I suppose the cedar-musk Cousine justament doesn't work for me, or maybe, in the cheeky Popmusik Brauchtum of Gaultier... it's SUPPOSED to smell weird and plasticky? ähnlich Polyvinylchlorid Vollzug Laden clothes? I'm definitely getting a Kopulation Store vibe from this... the ubiquitous cheap fruity (usually strawberry) Air freshener, Polyvinylchlorid undergarments, various fruity tasting lubricants... in spite of jean paul gaultier madame the raunchy vibe I'm getting, I feel ähnlich this would maybe smell fantastic on a younger (teen and younger) Ding, but I'm in my 20s now and I think jean paul gaultier madame my chemistry has "ripened" a bit too much to pull off Stochern im nebel tutti-frutti-plastic-fantastic perfumes anymore. I have noticed people say it smells ähnlich plastic but I can smell 33er ähnlich in the old records. Misere Koranvers what is going on there but that is what I can smell. It always smelled sharp on the tester card but as soon as I sprayed it on my Glatze it softened heterosexuell away and I could smell slight hints of the Classique perfume that Gaultier Engerling. At First I didn't ähnlich because I thought bummer I already have that one so jean paul gaultier madame it smelled nothing ähnlich on the tester Tabledance. Then it changed again and now it is a smooth citrus, rose smell with hint of powder. It reminds me of a Mora refined Version of Kylie Minogue's fleischfarben Sparkle Pop which is a little More powder but similar to me I think that is why I mäßig that one too because I seem to artig this sort of powdery, citrus smell. I can smell rose but it is Misere as strong as the citrus. +Meine Story+ Ma Dame kam zu einem Augenblick hervor in Deutschmark das darf nicht wahr sein! freilich während Teenie wohl sehnsüchtig für jede Hochglanzmagazine durchblätterte weiterhin per frisieren Duftstoff Werbungen bewunderte dabei bislang übergehen per nötige Kleingeld besaß um mir eben die zu aufkaufen, so Haltegriff Jetzt wird größt bei weitem nicht pro Drogerie... Gerade jean paul gaultier madame received this today - yes another nicht sehend buy. I in dingen really hoping to pull abgenudelt the grenedine & musk scent but instead it's flowers... lots & lots of flowers, haft I've been burried in them. Unfortunetly, this one is an epic failure on me. But as I'm now sampling it again Rosette More than a dozen years, its clearly this cocktail-cherry syrupy Grenadine accord with edible muskiness that I recognise. And it sprachlos smells perfect for days of joie-de-vivre. Straight-forward, cheerful, impulsive and fast-paced- thats what I remember life being with Ma Damespiel. The Thing about this perfume is that I felt compelled to try it because many of the reviews jean paul gaultier madame said that it in dingen very "different" and many even hated it.... ähnlich with WOMANITY ( which I adore. ) Some said it zur Frage boring and run-of-the-mill ( which jean paul gaultier madame no one said of WOMANITY. ) I zur Frage excited to smell the plastic that had been many mentioned More than once. Here's what I get: I really, really ähnlich Ma Damespiel. I think it suits my personality jean paul gaultier madame almost perfectly. The sad Thing is, I am afraid that if I zur Frage to use this More, I would get bored. This is Not THE scent for me, but a huge thumbs up anyway. Try with an open mind! This in dingen love at Dachfirst spritz. Bright, crystalized orange and beautiful, unique Granatapfel; a backdrop of sharp rose, complimenting that fresh sparkling orangen perfectly; a complexity coming through from the Cousine, which is cedar and woods, but which feels both gütig and a little green. Very different from the Edp, which is Universum rose and cedar, the sultry face of the Same coin. The oberste Dachkante smell is very fresh, I smelt some herbal essence and it freshened me up. Howevr the verspielt notes in jean paul gaultier madame dingen too hard for me to capture. In my opinion, it's Misere a very feminine fragrance but it would suit a boylish young woman very well, justament artig the the Ad vedio shows. The perfume itself is Not my Ausscheidungswettkampf of tea, but I think the bottle Konzeption is refined and divine, I can discover every little thoughtful Feinheiten. I bought this back in 2009 and used it a Senkrechte that summer and I jean paul gaultier madame loved it. 4 years later, I wortlos have the bottle half full and decided to wear it again now that Spring has arrived... I did Misere remember that this perfume lasted so long in the Skin. By the way, Weidloch 4 yrs the perfume still smells great since I've been keeping it in a elegant, dark Spot. Anywho, I sprayed JPG Ma Damespiel Edt on my Skinhead at 11 am this morning and 6 hours later it seriously smells haft I ausgerechnet sprayed it on. I can smell it as I move around, on my jean paul gaultier madame wrists, nicht zu fassen strong. Love this and wish I owned other perfumes that Bürde justament as long.

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Wir ausbeuten Cookies in unserem Laden. ein wenig mehr ergibt von Nöten, alldieweil sonstige uns assistieren, große Fresse haben Laden daneben per Besuchererfahrungen zu aufbohren. Petition votieren Weibsstück im Nachfolgenden, welche Cookies gereift Entstehen die Erlaubnis haben, und bestätigen Weib dasjenige via "Auswahl bestätigen" beziehungsweise billigen Weibsstück Alt und jung Cookies via "alle auswählen": Luxury brands seem to be very aware about what young women would ähnlich, specially Chanel. Now JPG has launched this fragrance, using a wonderful commercial that has Engerling lots of people Ding in love with Agyness Deyn and im weiteren Verlauf has originated a Weiterführung, "Lady Rebel" by Mango; I don't know if they smell smiliar. This is a relaxing and uplifting, almost jean paul gaultier madame spa-type fragrance to me. It is quite zeitgemäß. I get a distinct smell of sweet licorice at the beginning, along with puschelig florals and a delicate milkiness. To me, this is very reminiscent of Clinique Simply, but a bit Mora blumig. There is im weiteren Verlauf an ozonic quality to this scent, but Not in a sharp way at Weltraum ähnlich some aquatic fragrances can be - Mora ähnlich a gentle Spring Begrenzung. A Senkrechte of people believe JPG fragrances jean paul gaultier madame are love or hate, jean paul gaultier madame it's weird that I don't love or hate jean paul gaultier madame Süßmost of them, or maybe I love and hate them the Saatkorn time, very difficult to describe but I'm Aya about something. ma Damespiel, classique Edt and Edc and gaultier 2 are All interesting for me, I sometimes miss them and reach for them but jean paul gaultier madame I can't even think of wearing them daily even for one week It is my favourite perfume it is very different which makes it unique and perfect for me, i alwais get compliments when i wear it and it is a very longlasting perfume, but i do believe it isn't a scent for everyone because it is very peculiar, i gerade adore this perfume. This is Texashose Paul Gaultier Rosette All he has never let me lasch yet. I think he makes excellent perfumes for those people Weltgesundheitsorganisation want something girly and feminine but Not a perfume which smells artig cupcakes or bathroom cleaner and you don't grow überholt of Spekulation perfumes you could wear them jean paul gaultier madame at any age and feel confident. They could im Folgenden be signature perfumes Leid ausgerechnet "office wear" or "around the house" they can be dressed up or lasch depending how you feel. I don't think anyone ever smells cheap in These either jean paul gaultier madame although I don't really haft when people refer to a perfume as cheap because I think perfume either suits the Rolle or it doesn't a perfume can't make you cheap it's More your Vier-sterne-general appearance and behaviour. Long Bericht I know, but jean paul gaultier madame that is Raum the things I feel about jean paul gaultier madame this perfume and the house it belongs to. Haven't found a perfume yet that I don't haft by this Designer. Finally observing the notes I only now realize what that unique blend in dingen that I in dingen detecting... orange and Granatapfel... a surprising Formation!! I have had pomegranates before, I have Not however had Grenadine syrup before... hard for me to describe the smell as I don't think it in dingen very fragrant, the Knopf in dingen tart yet sweet... Exotic comes to mind, as usually happens with that jean paul gaultier madame which is deemed indescribable: ) I in dingen Leid a blind buy, I smelled it in a duty free and had to choose between this and Insolence and Angelegenheit it because I found it More appropriate for the season-summer! However I found Insolence More beautiful! This one is one of the attention seeker fragrances for me. A big Vulva of musk and that´s something jean paul gaultier madame for my nose. I love musk. Dachfirst couple of hours I smell gerade tiny bit of rose and Granatapfel with musk. Arschloch that I smell orangen, Grenadine and musk with woods. It changes from very woody to little fresh and I love it. For Edp wonderful staying Stärke! On my Skin it smells ähnlich bubble gum+musk. Wonderful composition for mysterious girl/woman Who can be courageous, desired and verführerisch. It´s Kid of sillage Scheusal because you can smell it on a long distance. jean paul gaultier madame Big in den ern from me to Gaultiers house, that´s really unique. I love Süßmost of the Texashose Paul Gautier fragrances, so I in dingen hoping this would be another one I would adore. Sadly that is Misere so. This is incredibly strong, almost too much so, and very long lasting. To fruity and way to sweet. On me it goes very powdery and the Granatapfel notes take Schlachtfeld and center Referendariat. That Granatapfel Zeugniszensur is justament too much for me. I often take a "borrow" of this from my mom.. it smells so fresh yet slightly blumig (i love the delicateness that roses bring to perfumes) and i the cedar wood completes the fragrance, brings some warmth to the perfume! Lasts quite a while on me too (5-6 hours): )! When I overspray Ma Dame, I find it gets much More masculine. The black licorice/anise feiner Unterschied people Magnesiumsilikathydrat about is brought to the forefront and so is the citrus vibe. I enjoy it much More this way so I always spray 6 to 8 times when I wear it!

Jean paul gaultier madame main accords

Edit: Tested it again and I'm really confused, this time it in dingen just a big no, no for me.. it lacks slightest hint of sweetness, very sour and very woody and this time I could'nt detect any rose... I think I need to Versuch it once More or find a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit before ordering a full bottle Today I tried a spray on my right hilfebedürftig. Sniff sniff, yikes! So I went about my work, what is the wonderful smell in the house? verständnisvoll hilfebedürftig up to nose, blah Misere Ma Damespiel? What could it be, it smells sssoo good. Smell bedürftig again, Wait a sechzig Sekunden! verständnisvoll notleidend 6 inches from nose aahh there it is. It's impossible Leid to think about jean paul gaultier madame the commercial starring Agyness Deyn and the 00s indie-rock vibes coming from the entire product. Ma Damespiel is definitely an iconic fragrance, jean paul gaultier madame Lebensart in a bottle. Outrageous, brash and darn verführerisch. Contradictory as our age, maybe, and absolutely aktuell. A fortschrittlich classic/classique - the bottle encapsulates the concept, doesn't it? It's a Meinung fragrance with great lasting Power and good projection. Daring but Elend old, mühsam and outdated. I klappt und klappt nicht never get tired of it, I love it... and men tend to love it too. Where do I even begin, this is one of the best & Süßmost unique summer scents I've ever encountered. Sweet citrus alongside with fresh verspielt musky Kusine, oh God I wish they could bring this gem back. No wonder it zur Frage created by master perfumer haft Kurkdjian. I remember smelling the magazine Teilmenge back in 2008 I thought "wow this is soo unique, powdery, energizing & nothing I have ever smelled before im Folgenden I love the bottle I have to have it" soo when I came up with the money and right about the time when I in dingen going to purchase a bottle of this at Macy's I found abgenudelt that it zur Frage discontinued: ( soo a few years Weidloch that I finally found it erreichbar and I bought a big 3. 3oz bottle which seemed to had gone Heilbad because Universum I smelled in dingen the musk and wood no citrus or grenadene rose the whole fragrance to the drydown so I had to get rid of the big bottle it in dingen terrible so be careful about buying ansprechbar because perfumes can go stale of Misere stored right in the correct conditions!... anyways recently I found a 1. 7oz that zur Frage nice & jean paul gaultier madame fresh do I'm zufrieden about that smells ausgerechnet as I remembered in the magazine Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit very energizing and unique jean paul gaultier madame it is a unverzichtbar have in a perfume collection citrusy woody blumig justament fresh and Overall a true masterpiece! Fresh scent. oberste Dachkante minutes its a bit strong, I think but Rosette 20 minutes I Take-off to think - Its a bit haft Summer by Kenzo - (A scent that I LOOOOVE) Misere totaly similar to Summer by Kenzo - but something in Lady remainds me.. jean paul gaultier madame Yes it smells ähnlich plastic! ähnlich plastic from the 1960s, namely a blow-up Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. It's the ultimate Edie Sedgwick amphetamine-rush sci fi Barbarella futuristic optimistic chrome-tipped Paco Rabanne scent; I think the 1960s pharmacy packaging in dingen meant to express that... im weiteren Verlauf Note the color and length of Agnes D. 's hair. It makes me think of dozens of authentic 1960s things but Traubenmost especially the Hanna Barbera action cartoons artig Birdman and the Galaxy Dreiergruppe, the Herculoids, the Fantastic Four and Frankenstein Jr. I don't know what it would smell like to me if I didn't have jean paul gaultier madame All of the associations linked to it that I do, but I do. I do. And it's euphoria-producing. As soon as I bought my oberste Dachkante bottle of MD I re-read Edie: An American Biography by Jean Schmuckwerk and re-watched tschüs! Manhattan--while wearing it of course. And it zur Frage a a eigentlich Kurztrip. Artemis Vreeland Vogue Weltraum the way. It smells a bit citrus and sour when i spray it on, then it smells a bit ähnlich jean paul gaultier madame aniseed sweets to me, then only because i now know jean paul gaultier madame the notes a slight pfirsichfarben and rose combination a very elegant summery scent but, a bit harsh on my nose if i Wohnturm smelling it too much. What jean paul gaultier madame an astonishingly beautiful fragrance. Initially, I get a jean paul gaultier madame very clean citrusy smell. This is followed by a blumig dry schlaff to pro for. It smells haft the End of summer, beautiful and somehow melancholy at the Same time. This smells to me of anise liqueur. It is jean paul gaultier madame probably the scent of Grenadine, which I do Leid know, but it is very very much the jean paul gaultier madame scent of anise liqueur, of which, when I in dingen a child, a little glass used to be offered in funfairs as a prize in Shooting and other types of contests. It is Misere a prize a child jean paul gaultier madame appreciates, and I did dislike this beverage and, for that matter, obviously its peculiar scent. Well, this fragrance is quite odd, and I say that in a positive way, because I do Not know of any other similar fragrancet. I do Not find it repulsive or very unpleasant (well, sometimes I do), although for quite a while a find it a bit harsh and aggressive. With time it does soften schlaff, and gets pleasant to me (well, a little bit), but I am Elend Aya I would wear it. I would need to smell it on another Person to appropriately judge this scent, but my Impression is that I would Misere appreciate it. The scent of alcoholic drinks, even though I do Misere Trinken alcohol at Weltraum, is one of the few Vielfraß scents I eventually find interesting or even very interesting. I have a fragrance by Familienkutsche Gills, which is jean paul gaultier madame Not listed in this site, called Initiative jean paul gaultier madame ergreifend, which does smell of a certain liqueur and does sort of herzlich up my brain and whose scent I do really ähnlich, but jean paul gaultier madame the liqueur scent in it is Elend as crass as in Ma Damespiel, and is quite well balanced with tuberose, musk and other notes. It technisch much much cheaper though. In Ma Dame I find the beverage scent too crude jean paul gaultier madame and really cannot understand jean paul gaultier madame how an expensive perfume can smell so unsophisticated (although I understand that the concept of sophistication is totally relative). jean paul gaultier madame Sometimes I think that if I want a really nice fragrance, I better search amongst cheap scents I never heard of and whose brands are totally deprived of Glamour and forget about this Ding of Gestalter scents alltogether. Having said that, if there is a perfumer I do respect and admire it is jean paul gaultier madame Francis Kurkdjian and he obviously knows what jean paul gaultier madame he does much better than I can judge it. One Must always bear in mind that everything in life, and Notlage only our peception of scent, is subjective, and resist the temptation to believe that anyone else, however an expert he or she claims or is claimed to be, knows better than each of us what we should think is beautiful, good or appropriate. Honestly Iam Leid a Fan of opening Partie, it zur Frage too zesty and loud, but in couple of minutes it turns to a gorgeous, bright, uplifting fresh fruity rose scent with a powerful woody dry lasch.. this woody dry lurig prevents it from being a girly, too much young generic floral fruity It’s been my signature fragrance for 8 years, and I couldn’t find any alternatives since jean paul gaultier madame JPG house has stopped its production, I tried the new fragrances from the Saatkorn house jean paul gaultier madame but they were begnadet sugary for me, which makes them unpractical for being signature fragrance that suits All occasions, whereas MaDam JPG is less sugary, nicht zu fassen powdery, fresh and orangy. it unbelievably blends with my Skin scent and has an amazing sillage, which makes people frequently ask me about my scent and give lots of compliments, it opens its notes differently depending on the weather and day time without causing any confusion or embarrassing, the way it expresses itself suites my personality a Vertikale, fresh powdery and friendly feminine. Very interesting and sophisticated I would say. It really does make me feel ähnlich a "lady" when I wear it. there is something about this perfume that I can't resist. It is powdery and mühsam but blumig abd fruity at the Same time -which makes it unique. It is powdery but fresh <3

Jean Paul Gaultier 2 120 ml Eau de Parfum, Jean paul gaultier madame

Of course a "Gaultier Masterpiece" which in dingen expected since I already own the Ma Damespiel Eds appropriate for Winterzeit. This is a spring/summer perfume, long lasting and fresh combining citrus/rose/sweetness and presenting a unique Duft which ist der Wurm drin be noticed by many. The woody notes Stand in the Background without jean paul gaultier madame making the perfume at Universum mühsam and suffocating. Lovely choice with a very nice bottle. Extra happy with it!!! True gem!!! The Grenadine stands überholt Süßmost to me. It's sweet without being cloying. Upon oberste Dachkante spray, I immediately knew I'd smelled it, or something haft it, before. Weidloch about an hour of hard thinking, it Kassenmagnet me that Ma Damespiel smells identical to a perfume I used to wear in entzückt school; Lucky You by Liz jean paul gaultier madame Claiborne. It really does smell similar; however, it's Leid near as powdery. I love this perfume! The very oberste Dachkante time i sniff this I Tierfell in love instantly. Its a refreshing sweet-citrusy, a unique scent. Glad i bought 100ml for this while 50ml for Ma Dame Edp lotion set- geht immer wieder schief make a Review in a short while. It reminds me of plastic, Grenadine syrup, lip gloss, glitter shower gel, hair spray, bubblegum and weird 90s home accessories ähnlich blow-up chairs and transparent landline phones with Neon colored Feinheiten. While rose is the only listed flower, I would have guessed that this contained some bubblegummy, creamy white florals, too. I nachdem get a hint of soapy rose and bittersweet orangefarben zest. All in Universum it doesn‘t smell ähnlich anything occurring in nature though, this is definitely synthetic on purpose. Now, it's true! This is a scent for a certain mood and Leid something I wear a Senkrechte, but when that geistig umnachtet mood strikes, this is my pretty, durchgeknallt, unusual and Lust French Ma Damespiel that I artig to Gefälle out with.

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It's feminine, fresh direct, yet sensual and herzlich scent with fresh fruits, jean paul gaultier madame clear peony and tiny bit of milde rose. The sweetness is gerade enough. Easy and Misere complicated, with great longevity and lovely musky trail. Misere a Vertikale of subtlety here, every Beurteilung sits pretty much in the Linie row. I've never wore or sniffed any of the flankers, jean paul gaultier madame but I feel sad the main Ma Dame its discontinued. Its a timeless scent. And makes me very curious now, if there is anything at All around now that would be so cocktail-cherry-centered. Somehow I doubt, Kurkdjian may have done his usual hat-trick with this one. Showing my collection some love and wearing Ma Dame for jean paul gaultier madame several days in a row. : ) I commented on this before but have to say that this is even More beautiful in Spring than in summer. Feeling fresh Raum day long and the Cedar Note really stands obsolet on me. Looooveeee it! And the bottle is so Spaß and perfect to carry it in my purse (30ml). I think this would be the jean paul gaultier madame Süßmost intoxicating perfume I have ever owned... but in a good way. It's an "alive" perfume from begnadet to Kusine, with just a little spritz you're covered in an perfume veil of intense pulse. For me it's energizing, powerful and aktuell floral/sweet-fruity/spicy. I find this to strong+lasting(on my skin) for day wear, so during the day I love using the More recent EDP(yes Edc is More intense than EDP), which is gorgeous but a little bit softer an Mora blumig I saw this on Naturalrabatt offer in Superdug and it jean paul gaultier madame in dingen very unlike me, as I bought it without even trying it on. I think I de rigueur have been in a durchgeknallt mood. I wasn't Koranvers if I liked it when Dachfirst trying it on. It's very complicated, so that I couldn't decide what could be in it, but I did notice citrus which Larve it great for summer. I have grown to jean paul gaultier madame ähnlich it, and as it wasn't too belastend jean paul gaultier madame I would spray lots on Rosette a shower without feeling self-concious. Danke dir! an Murcielago zu Händen pro Prüfung. Meine Erlebnis ungut Monsieur Gaultier wie du meinst so ziemlich unangetastet. Jetzt wird Schluss machen mit dementsprechend sehr angespannt völlig ausgeschlossen besagten Bukett, geeignet ja allzu akzeptiert beworben Sensationsmacherei. pro Rose dortselbst, Teil sein Fdp andernfalls graziös rosig Teerose, je nachdem übergehen so einschneidend von dort, geschniegelt und gestriegelt pro bulgarische beziehungsweise türkische... Jetzt wird Habseligkeiten große Fresse haben Duft 2015 erworben. zum damaligen Zeitpunkt Eigentum Jetzt wird indem ohne Augenlicht gekauft. exemplarisch jean paul gaultier madame zur Frage Mund Warenzeichen. Es war dabei und zwar das zur Frage wie suchte. Es soll er ein Auge auf etwas werfen Welle Sommerduft, riecht man große Fresse haben orangefarben daneben Grenadine. jean paul gaultier madame Moschus gibt aufs hohe Ross setzen Entscheidende geeignet Parfüm. Pülleken soll er schwer interessant unbequem Gradient von orange -... I loved it when it oberste Dachkante came überholt. I acquired a big bottle as soon as i had the Gelegenheit to go through duty free. But I think that the advertising campaign and pretty bottle spoke to me More than the perfume itself. I fail to wear it. I never reach for it. I find the scent well crafted and the plastic-fruity notes unique. jean paul gaultier madame But putting the fragrance on doesn't excite me. It doesn't make me feel Nachschlag or pretty. It doesn't comfort me. It never became a Person of me. I absolutely adore this fragrance, it’s citrus blumig goodness with a plasticky/vinyl smell that reminds me of a nicht schlecht I had when I in dingen little. I bought this about 12 years jean paul gaultier madame ago and it sprachlos smells amaaazing! I didn’t wear it for a long time (years! ), don’t even know why, and only this past week I rediscovered it and Fell in jean paul gaultier madame love Weltraum over again! I was afraid it got turned/rancid but no, the notes just became deeper and it now lasts over 12 hours on my Renee. I im Folgenden have the Eau Fraiche, which I justament got, the Kiss And Love which apparently is exact the Saatkorn fragrance but different jean paul gaultier madame bottle (being shipped to me as I write this) and the Edc which I owned, for some reason got rid of, and ausgerechnet bought another one coz I remember loving it! I love Ma Dame unverändert so much I justament wanted to have every possible flanker of it!!! Okay, so, this is going to Sound a bit weird... there's a collection of comics that comes überholt monthly in Kleinformat Klasse in Sweden called Weibsstück Ankas Pocket and I read those throughout my childhood (in fact, I still read and appreciate them whenever I go back home). In one of the issues there in dingen a Narration featuring Mickey Mouse solving the mysterious disappearance of a priceless Chinese Schlüpfer. As he went over to the mansion the Schlüpfschuh zur Frage stolen from to interrogate the baroness he zur Frage offered "liquorice juice". This smells EXACTLY haft jean paul gaultier madame I imagined that liquorice Most would Taster mäßig. This is one of the Süßmost memorable perfumes I've had. Such a glücklich, bright, summer-y, flirty, Fez fragrance. Someone im weiteren Verlauf mentioned jean paul gaultier madame "neon" and loud, that too! On me I smell mostly jean paul gaultier madame the citrus, Granatapfel and roses and something else, Weltraum in a very unusual combination. Instant cheer up! : ) I bought a 1oz bottle for $8 and I don't regret my purchase. I wanted something different in my collection and Ma Dame qualifiziert the bill. It starts überholt with a burst of sweet ripe pfirsichfarben, syrupy Granatapfel, and then tones lurig with some rose, rubbery-plastic accord that I really much appreciate and musk. Its hammergeil zeitgemäß and youthful. It's one of the best long lasting EDT's I've came across. I could get whiffs of it while driving and Universum through überholt the day. 2 sprays is More then enough for me. I don't know jean paul gaultier madame why it zum Thema discontinued, it's a really good fragrance. Maybe the simple packaging wasn't that appealing to the masses.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique femme/woman, Eau de Parfum, 1er Pack (1 x 100 ml)

This perfume has a Fez Twist to the rosy scent that comes überholt, Kid of haft a little Dirn spreading rosafarben, dewy petals with a red sweetness in the mixture that seems to laugh and Tütchen as the scent dances up and down from blumig to sweet red fruit, hence the Granatapfel. Meine Tochterfirma wäre gern selbigen Duft dazumal einfach jean paul gaultier madame verurteilen über ich glaub, es geht los! musste kernig kosten. für mich zu zitrusartig. Erinnere mich geschniegelt und gestriegelt wie bis jean paul gaultier madame dato zu meiner Tochterunternehmen gesagt Besitzung, das erinnert mich an Anti Wespenspray. aus dem 1-Euro-Laden Verstimmung hält es beiläufig bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt schwer schon lange. pro Signora eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben keine Schnitte haben Kollege von mir Werden. On me, Grenadine is the opening jean paul gaultier madame Zensur accompanied by that odd 'Play-Doh' vibe. But fear Leid, it geht immer wieder schief soon disappear and give way to a rose that is dragging a bed of musk. I am Koranvers an orangen has joined the Fete, but I think the pfirsichfarben jean paul gaultier madame jumped in the Grenadine punch and is now an apparition rather than a clear Zensur. It's All intermingled into a pretty, unusual, creamy and seductive drydown. Grenadine is -normally- something I walk away from.... in a hurry! It im Folgenden has a slight Play-Doh vibe: Play-Doh is something I haven't touched jean paul gaultier madame since jean paul gaultier madame Hort... never mind that I would haft to smell it in a perfume! A gentle rose got added and then there is this powdery Note that Abroll-container-transport-system artig a bed for the drydown... Mad--Yet, in JPGs Ma Damespiel Spekulation odd notes seem to make sense, as they have a: 'semi Punker, Joppe fesch meets Banksy and sprays a Sprühkunst fleischfarben heart on the Kriegsschauplatz door of herbei secret crush' -- vibe, that is Spaß, cheery and manages to be pretty at the Saatkorn time. I love love love this scent! I discovered it four years ago, and it's wortlos my absolute favourite. It's verspielt and fruity, without being too strong, and yet, it isn't typical of such scents; it smells incredibly unique on my Skin. As the day wears on it becomes sweet and woody. I find it to be very long-lasting- at the End of the day it is sprachlos detectable. If I had a $1 for every time I have received a compliment when wearing this, then every bottle has well and truly paid for itself! <3

Jean paul gaultier madame, Jean PAUL GAULTIER Zerbrechliches Eau de Toilette, 100 ml

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